Sunday, October 25, 2009

V-Necks and Story Time :)

Have you ever noticed a trend and think, "Oh, I'll never wear that." And then next thing you know, you own it in ever color? The same thing happened to me when I became addicted to V-necks. I saw everyone at school wear them, and thought 'Ewww... Why would I want to look like a 25 year old dude?". Every store at the mall had them too. I guess thats how my addiction got started...

*Story Time!*

It all started during an innocent trip to the mall with my Mom. I think the fact that it wasn't my usual mall and that I was 'out of my habitat' was one of the reasons I caved. So, my Mom and I were walking, and we go into a PacSun. Bad idea. PacSun was like, the mecca of V-necks when the trend got started. I was looking around the back and saw a rack of shirts in really pretty colors. They were V-necks. *facepalm*

'5 for $20'

I bought 5 V-necks that day.

V-necks then became my shameless addiction. I wore one today, even. And I plan on wearing one tomorrow.

In all seriousness, I really do love V-necks, and they are completely awesome to throw on with some jeans and cute boots if you're running late, or to dress up with a blazer.

Did you ever go though a situation like I where you swore to never wear something and you eventually do?

Keep and open mind! <3

~The Suburban Fashionista