Monday, March 19, 2012

I'll be the mustard, because you gotta ketchup

Being a senior is a full-time occupation, as it turns out.

Guess you guys thought I forgot about you, huh? No need to fret, I did not.

So if you've been following my tumblr or twitter, you've known just what
a busy bee I've been in the past 6 months or so.

I've applied to colleges, made some new friends, worked on some awesome projects, saw Breaking Dawn part I, watched too much British television for my own good, and drank a lot of starbucks.
Like, a lot, a lot.

I also got a car.

I saw my husband on stage.

Read a lot of books
Got tickets to see The Hunger Games!
And I guess I became a Directioner.

So that's a quick little re-cap of what's been going on. I'm gonna try to do my best to stick it out on here this time......... Lets see how that goes.