Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kristen Stewart's New Moon Fashion Roundup!

If you're a huge 'Twilight' fan I am, you'd know that the 'Twilight Trinity', AKA, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, have been doing an international promotional tour for the next 'Twilight' movie coming out, 'New Moon'. And since Kristen Stewart's fashion had defentenley had a turn in the right direction lately, I thought it would be a good idea to do a 'round-up' of KStew's looks from the past week.

Let's start off with my absolute favorite...

Kristen wore a *stunning* chiffon J. Mendel dress to the New Moon Photocall. Words can not explain how in love with this dress I am! I absolutely, positively, adore it!

This next picture isn't the prettiest of pictures... But it sure is funny! :)

Next was the London Photocall and premiere. This outfit was... interesting, to say the least. I love it! Plus, I give props to KStew for being bold and going edgy! I would never have the confidence to wear that!

Love her Gucci shoes.

Here's some eye-candy, too! Rob, Taylor and Chris ... Nevermind.

Seriously, someone needs to tell Chris that yellow pants+red carpets DON'T MIX.


This Balenciaga outfit from the Spring 2010 RTW took me a while to get used to at first, but now I'm practcailly drooling over it. o, not practically. I AM drooling over it. Gorgeous. :)

The shoes were also to die for. Beautiful.

The last stop was in Munich, Germany. Again, not able to find the best pictures, but I did my best! :)

So that wraps up my Kristen Stewart 'New Moon' Promotional Tour Fashion Roundup! Next up: The New Moon Premiere tonight in LA.
What will Kristen wear? It's anybody's guess.

~The Suburban Fashionista

Monday, November 9, 2009

Outfit of the Day!

(Beware: I use to model. use to. So I'm a little rusty, I'm trying to look cool... O.o Feel free to laugh. :P)

So today, I wore:

Jacket: Hollister
Scarf: Nordstroms

V-Neck Tee: Target, I believe. I have so many I can't remember! But Target always has really great V-necks! :)

Jeans: J Brand 'Boot Leg'
These are my favorite jeans, expect me the be wearing them a lot!

Boots: Black Uggs
Don't you just love the ghetto way I tuck in my jeans to my boots?

And for your enjoyment, here are some more pictures of me making a fool of myself modeling in front of my computer!

Fun story: I was taking these pictures with the camera on my MacBook, and my neighbors walk out the door, see me, give me a weird look, and walked away. I waved at them. ^_^

~The Suburban Fashionista