Friday, March 26, 2010

Pretty Pretty Party Dresses

I'm not much of a party animal. In fact, I'm the complete opposite of a party animal. The other day was the first time that I got pretty 'wild' in a long time. It started out just hanging out with my best friend, then turned into me falling down her front steps and almost spraining my ankle. I think I had one too many cans of soda (I don't drink. At all. Honestly.). Yup, I decided that that's enough 'partying' for me for one... year. But I would have a party every day if I were to wear any of these beautiful Alice + Oliva dresses. There's a dress for almost every stereotype in the book in the Fall 2010 collection, and I think I might just have to go through

For the typical 'popular girl' or queen bee, this dress is my personal favorite.

For the kind of 'emo' girl, not much is needed to explain this one. It's black. It has leather. It's adorable.

This dress is a little more classy than the first two, though I would leave the cardigan at home.

For the 'little miss perfect', this is the kind of dress I would most likely be wearing at a party. It's safe and conservative, (minus the top hat) but still fun with the bright colors.

This one is obviously for the typical party girl. Short, gold, and short. Yup.
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Alice + Olivia make some of the most adorable party dresses out there. Next time I'm invited to any type of social event outside aside of my occasional Friday night movie outings, I'll be sure to take these dresses into consideration.

~The Suburban Fashionista