Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trend Report 4: Crazy Sweater

It's winter... So obviously, it's cold.
Very cold.
Especially here in New York. I freeze my ass off walking 20 feet from the car to the school door in the morning, and I hate bulking up with so many layres that I can't put my arms down like Randy in A Christmas Story (One of my favorite movies, btw!).

One way to keep warm while still looking cute is a crazy pattern sweater, like the Missoni sweater I put as an example. And if the sweater isn't crazy enough, put on a tun of jewelry. Because jewelry is awesome. Like this sweater.

On another note... I have NO midterms today... So it's PAR-TAYYY TIME! lol :P
Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday! :)

Paige <3
The Suburban Fashionista