Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jackie, You Own My Burkhart (Part 1, Season 7)

As you all know, I am addicted to 70's fashion, and at the heart of it all is Mila Kunis' character Jackie Burkhart of That 70's Show. Jackie is a spoiled princess cheerleader, and she is proud of it!
And since there are so many amazing outfits on this show, I'm going to post them by season, starting at Season 7 and counting down to Season 1. I'm just gonna skip Season * altogether, because, well frankly, nobody want to see that hot mess of a season. Some may have more than one post, some seasons may be posted together, we'll see. :)

So, lets start off with one of my favorites... *drumroll* Jackie's 'sailor' top from season 7, episode 4.

I love this outfit a little too much... I want to find this top right. now.

Next is from season 7, epsoide 3, her floral tank top.

Her peasant dress form the same episode is also a favorite.

Her cheerleading sweater from her "Say 'flowchart again'" moment from Season 7, epsoide 6 is amazballs, and I NEED it. :P
Jackie and I also have the same sense when it comes to dressing for a football game, because how she dressed for the Packers game is a similar to what I wear to Giants games.
And I love this dress from Season 7, episode 8, its sooo cute! :D (Please, ignore my fan-girling... You all should know by now that I'm a geek. :) )
In episode 9, Jackie dons the perfect Thanksgiving outfit to help Hyde open the record store at midnight.
Now... Let's all just take a second to appericate these AMAZING shoes that Jackie has on in episode 18.
Who would wear shoes that fierce to a car show with her boyfriend... Jackie Burkhart, that's who. :)

I could go on with the fabulousness of these outfits all day, but I 'm gonna keep this short.
Yes, this is short.
Have an awesome day, everyone! <3

Paige <3