Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clueless Fashion

One of my favorite girl movies is Clueless. First off, if you haven't seen it, watch it. Now.

Okay, next.

Clueless, released in 1995, is one of the most definitive movies fashion-wise of the 90's. It made the 90's fashion more bearable, in my opinion. Here are some of my favorite outfits worn by Cher and how they could be worn today.

For school, Cher goes school-girl chic in tons of plaid and girly blouses with knee-high socks.

(Isn't that such an attractive picture...)

When going out to a party in the Valley or a club with her friends Dion and Tai, Cher normally wears a slinky tank dress and a jacket weather it be sheer, or with feathers.)

Have a fabulous day everyone!

As if!



Just Another Shopaholic said...

I love this movie and all the clothes in it.

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