Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trend Report 17: Jeggings

When I first heard of the 'jegging' trend in mid '09, when the only jeggins avalable were super overpriced, and slightly poorly-made. So, I waited a bit, and purchased a pair before they became mainstream and everyone and thier mother (litterally) were wearing them.

Here are some of my tips for rocking Jeggings without looking like you forgot your pants.

  • ALWAYS wear a long top with jeggings, or else you will get a severe case of crotch-staring.
  • Please, don't wear flip-flops.
  • Even though I put flats in this example, it is best to wear boots with jeggings, because it IS leggings fabric, it can look awkward at the feet.
  • Try to get jeggings with faux-jean accessories. Ex. Pockets, a zipper, ect.
  • Jeggings were made for comfort, so stay comfy!
  • If you wouldn't wear leggings normally, don't.
  • Don't treat them like blue leggings. They are made to be faux jeans. Treat them as such. Don't wear them under a dress. Please.
  • Balance the straight-legged look with a top with a touch of flare, and classic pieces.
  • When picking out a top, remember: If it doesn't cover your crotch area, don't wear it.
  • Remember, most of all: They may LOOK like jeans, but they are still leggings. Don't wear them everyday like you would your jeans. It's gross.

Catherine Malandrino bohemian top
117 GBP -

Hollister Co. embroidered jeans
$40 -

Hermes print shoes
$570 -

Isharya 18k jewelry
135 GBP -

Paige <3