Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trend Report 7: Peach

Peach is such a beautiful color, I just love this peach Elie Saab dress. Elie Saab is one of my favorite couture designers, and this dress is a great example of their draping and feminine style.


Paige's Random Jonas Ramblings! said...
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Shannon said...

Peach is such a beautiful color! And you're wearing my favorite color (teal) in your previous post. I came across your blog somehow, and I am loving it so far. Just followed :) Looking forward to more posts and hopefully hearing from you as well!

Claire Alexandra said...

love this dress, this color is amazing! your blog is so much fun with such great inspiration!


Carice said...

I'm loving peach at the moment! I think it compliments all skin tones and is classically feminine!

Great post and a wonderful resource! WIll be following on Bloglovin!

Love C x

Miss Celeste said...

i love this color of pink! seriously, i want to fill my whole closet with it! i actually just did a photo shoot with this color! got your message and was curious so i checked out your blog! its so cute!

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